Soul Models gives you the opportunity to purchase today´s hottest scale models .
We offer the posibility to reserve the newcoming models with two months in advance. This way the customers ensures to acquire the model before the limited edition runs out of stock.
Preorder service involves the complete payment of the product.

We will contact you via email and we will notify you when the model is available.

To make a purchase on our website you need to register with us.
Payments shall be made by credit card or Paypal.

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Soul Models trust in DHL shipping company to send our products.
The estimated delivery time is four working days from the day we receive the payment.
We will provide a tracking number so you can follow your order on the:
– DHL website (www.dhl.com/en.html)
– Nacex website (www.nacex.es)
Please, PO BOX addresses are not accepted.

Please,find below a table with shipping fees to the different countries of Europe. For worldwide shipping, please contact us at: sales@soulmodelsweb.com

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Shipping costs

Shipping costs

IMPORTANT: This applies ONLY to products purchased directly on www.soulmodelsweb.com
For other models, please contact to the corresponding dealer.

If you find a faulty product please contact us (sales@soulmodelsweb.com) and we will answer you as son as posible.
Deadline for claiming faulty products: 10 working days. If you find a defective item please contact us as soon as possible in the email address (sales@soulmodelsweb.com) and we will contact you.

If your model has been damaged during shipping, please contact us at the address (sales@soulmodelsweb.com) and we will give you the instructions to follow.
Deadline for claiming damage in transport: 7 working days.